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    Our instructors have over 5 years of experience on average.

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    We are fully committed to safety and responsibility.

$ 8 000

Private Pilot Certification

  • Committment to regular classes
  • Need to pass FAA examination
  • At least 17 years of age
  • Recommended to fly once a week
  • Minimum budget of $ 9 000
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$ 2 000

Solo Pilot Certification

  • Committment to regular classes
  • Need 10 hours of basic training
  • Can fly only with instructor
  • Need perfect weather conditions
  • Chief pilot will sign-off your flights
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$ 8 000

Instrument Rating

  • Committment to classes
  • Need to pass written examination
  • Instrument rating certification
  • Needed to actually fly a plane yourself
  • 70% 30% payment method
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  • Which Course Should I Take?
    Depending on what you want, the course you should take varies. If you are flying for fun, you can book an appointment with a personal instructor for as many hours you like. If you want to get a certificate and a license, it will depend on your time frame.
  • How Old Do I Have To Be?
    You need to be at least 17 for powered flight (airplanes, helicopters, and gyroplanes).
  • How do I get certified?
    You have to complete the appropriate amount of time for your specific aviation license. When you finish your session, we add the time to your profile.
  • Can I bring a camera?
    Yes, you can bring a camera and document your journey.
  • What should I wear to practice?
    Please wear the right clothes depending on the weather. There is no specific dress code.

Serving The Tulsa Oklahoma Community

We are excited to have our site back up and running! Tulsa is a super amazing community and growing by the day.

Our number one goal is to bring a brand new status of opportunity to the Tulsa community at large. Oklahoma is a state that offers a diverse set of backgrounds, culture, educational opportunities and so much more in this great state.

We are actively reaching out to members of the Tulsa community to provide help, sponsorship and support for our program. Our job is to connect students with educators. Specifically students who are wanting to become pilots and flight for American Travelers.


Small Businesses That Believe in Tulsa Oklahoma


The best part about working with Tulsa Aviation Education, is that we seek to bring a broad stroke of awesomeness to the Tulsa community and the state of Oklahoma. So far, a couple of businesses have excepted our postcards and extended their hands to help support us.

Express Uncontested Divorce of Tulsa has been the first small business to reach out and say they would like to help us. They are a small divorce mediation company in Tulsa that helps people settle divorce cases outside of court. One of our pilots actually use their services and so that was how we came into contact with them. She was very pleasantly happy with the level of service they provide and so we were happy to be a part of their business. This will be a great collaboration.


Tulsa community college is very near and dear to our hearts. Their commitment to success is unrivaled and we hope that we can get some of their students who wish to become pilots the wings they need to fly. They provided a dynamic community Atmosphere in their school which is an amazing atmosphere for students of all walks of life to get educated. We look forward to hopefully working with them in the future as well.


Williams plumbing is a small business in Tulsa that specializes in Plumbing, drain and slab leaks. The company is experiencing garbage disposal, water heater, bathroom sink, kitchen leaking, drain and sewer line, slab leak detection diagnose and repair as well as toilet issues. They have an absolutely superb five star rating and are locally owned and managed. Their service guarantee is definitely in par with what we would consider high service in high-quality. We are happy to know them and thankful for their support.


As we are seeking out reach for more and more local businesses to work together and provide Tulsa aviation education to new students who want to fly, we are welcome to anyone who would like to collaborate and tell a story to the community of a great group of people who work together. Together, we can make Tulsa great again!

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